System of worktitles
WORKS 1993 – 2013

The continuous art work of Thorsten Bisby Saludas dates back to 1993. The titles of the works play an important role in the understanding of the work. They are systematic, self-explanatory and refer to the sculptor and his actions. Through this countability comes the life-time, – and especially the doing and non-doing inherent importance. The works of art are thus titled with the number of lived days and put the concrete sculptures in a causal relationship with the one who invented and made them. The titles here are the unambiguous naming of a sculpture and at the same time point to the human being as doer and ultimately as observer.

Werke 1993 -1995
Werke 1996 - 2000
Werke 2001 - 2006
Werke 2007 - 2010
Werke 2011 - 2012
Werke ab 2013